Plastic Mulch Layer and Lifter

Mulch Layer - Model 85 

 The Model 85 Mulch Layer is designed to make laying plastic mulch easy. Just feed the plastic under the large roller and dual wheels and the Model 85 does the rest. The Model 85 levels and floats the ground smooth and then firmly secures the edges of the plastic. The covering wheels and large roller float independently, providing a perfect job, even at high speeds.


  • Automatic feeding with only a few, simple steps
  • Lays either 3' or 4' foot rolls of plastic
  • Extra roll holder and drip attachment optional




Mulch Layer - Model 90 

 The Model 90 Mulch Layer is fully adjustable and free floating. A leveling blade up front level the ground before plastic is laid while smooth guide wheels stretch mulch over beds without tearing. This system works excellent even at high speeds.


  • New toolbar systems allows easy adjustment by moving clamps
  • Can lay up any size roll from 3' to 6'
  • Optional drip attachment available




Deluxe Mulch Layer - Model 92 

The Model 92 Deluxe Mulch Layer is the top of the line for plastic mulch layers and is the most fully adjustable and free floating layer currently on the market. A leveling pan gives very smooth and firm beds. Bed shaping shoes open furrow for the stretch wheels to hold the plastic while rear cover discs apply soil to edge of plastic. Large soil shields keep the plastic surface clean and allows for faster speeds.


  • Double roller for easy loading of plastic
  • Extra roll holder feeds new roll into machine with just a pull of a lever
  • Roller assembly allows for self starting of plastic, just set the machine down and go
  • Optional plastic cutting system cleanly cuts the plastic at the end of the rows with no need to get out of the tractor seat
  • Optional drip attachment available





Mulch Lifter - Model 98

The Model 98 Mulch Lifter provides an easy and efficient way to lift plastic mulch. It is designed with two coulters to cut the edges just outside of the plastic and one coulter to cut the center of the plastic. The center coulter also cuts the vines and plant debris as the undercutting knives loosen the plastic. The two strips of plastic can then be easily pulled away, leaving the plant debris in the field.


  • Completely adjustable for various width plastics
  • Three adjustable spring loaded swivel coulters
  • Two heavy duty hardened undercutting knives
  • Gauge wheels to hold the correct undercutting knife depth
  • Toolbar clamp design for quick and easy changes
  • Heavy duty three point hitch


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