Bed Shaper Mulch Layer


Model 92B Bed Shaper

 92 92B

The Model 92B shapes a 4" high bed and lays plastic in one operation.


  • Use of 3' plastic makes a bed with an 18" top
  • Use of 4' plastic makes a bed with a 24" top
  • Self-starting feature to start plastic
  • Optional drip attachment is available




Model 94 Bed Shaper and Mulch Layer  



 The Model 94 special design allows the farmer complete control of the depth of bed up to 8".    Widths from 24" to 40", and can form either a flat or crowned bed.



  • Hard UHMW plastic lining the bed shaper for longer wear and a non-stick surface
  • Uses either 4' or '5 plastic mulch
  • Optional single line and twin drip line attachments are available
  • Four large discs to bring soil into bed shaper pan


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