Seed Roller "How To"

To match your seed to the correct roller is the most critical portion of the Jang JP Series seeders. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you with your selection process.


  • If you already own a JP Series Jang Seeder, use the under side of your hopper lid to gauge your seed.
  • Check with the seed company as to which size your seed is. Specifically pelleted seeds.
  • Pick out a handful of seed from your supply. From this sample choose a few of the largest seeds. Size your seed samples from these  - if your large seeds fit, so will the small ones.
  • When the seed size falls between two size rollers, most people will choose the largest roller hole.   Example- if your seed measures 5mm and you have to choose between the  F Roller (5mm,2.5mm) or M Roller (5mm,2.0mm), choose the deeper F roller.
  • Place the largest seed and place into the hole of the roller. Correct sizing is indicated when one  seed lays completely into the crater of the roller hole.
  • Place seed into the hopper with roller in place. manually turn the hopper sprocket and confirm seeds into the roller holes. Check for multiples or skips.  Run the seeder on the prepped soil for a few feet to check actual planting scenarios.
  • If you have still having trouble with your roller to seed selection please contact us. We will be happy to assist.
  • If you would like to ensure you have the best possible seed roller for your particular seed, please send a seed sample and we can size fit it to the proper roller. Please call for details.








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