Plastic Mulch Transplanter

Mulch Transplanter - Model 900


 The Model 900 Mulch Transplanter is designed to set peat pots, cell type plants, and Jiffy 7's, among others, into plastic mulch. The Model 900 accurately pierces the plastic, spaces, waters and packs the plants better than planters of similar type


  • Completely adjustable axle allows for various bed heights and widths
  • 900B-3 comes with hitch, water valve, barrel, and barrel mounting brackets
  • 909 Plug mix attachment available to plant seeds



Mulch Transplanter - Model 912

The NEW Model 912 Mulch Transplanter is designed to have more accurate depth control and a wider range of plant spacings than other mulch planters and water wheels. Operators hands stay free of water and chemicals while sitting in an upright and comfortable position.


  • Specially designed quick change pockets that can be changed in minutes
  • Plant spacings of 10", 12", 16", 21", 32" and 64"
  • Two sizes of pocket points for small cell up to 1 1/2" and larger cells from 1 3/4 - 2 1/4"
  • Gauge wheel drive system for accurate depth control and spacing
  • Dual control pocket discs for added strength and easy adjustment
  • Scissors hitch with adjustable springs to control amount of packing weight on rear wheels. It also gives uniform depth control in uneven ground
  • All weight of operator and plants is carried on the toolbar
  • Smooth adjustable packing wheels for packing and easy depth control
  • Plants on raised beds or flat ground
  • Choice of flat trays or carrousels for holding plants
  • Optional cushion seat, water valve, barrel and barrel mounting brackets


With Water Option 




Mulch Transplanter - Model 912T

The NEW Model 912T Mulch Transplanter is designed to plant twin rows at 12", 14", 16 or 18"


  • Same features as our 912 above
  • Staggered plant capability between rows
  • Optional water package available



  Mulch Transplanter - Model 948

The Model 948 Mulch Transplanter has the same features as the above 912 with plants spacing capabilities of 14", 17", 22", 27", 44" and 86".



Mulch Transplanter - Model 948T

The Model 948T has the same features at 948,  with an added row . 

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