Jang Seeder ~ Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks that may make using your Jang Seeder more enjoyable.
  • Adjust your brush.
    • With a simple brush adjustment, your seed may work better.
  • Remove your guide plate.
    • By removing your guide plate, the felt covered brass part of the lower portion of your hopper may allow certain seeds to fall easier.
  • Reading the spacing chart. 
    • First of all, you need to know how far apart you would like to space your seeds within the row. Then you can find this spacing within the shaded portion of the chart. Now, moving to the left side of the chart, it will tell you how many holes you need in your seed roller. Going back to your spacing measurement in the shaded area, follow that column up to the top two rows of the chart. Following the chart to the left, this will show you which sprocket combination to use to achieve the desired seed spacing.


  • Speed. 
    • The walk behind seeders are meant to be just that - walk. The tractor mounted seeders maximum speed is 1.7mph. Although we find that the best planting speed is between1.3 to 1.5mph. Going too fast on either the walk behind or the tractor mounted will actually throw the seed out of the seed roller or it won't pick it up at all, causing skips and misses in your spacing.
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