JPH-U  - Toolbar Mounted

JPH-U - Toolbar Mounted

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**Note - Seeders will not work without seed roller / Roller Not Included**

Individual spring loaded row units allow for solid planting results on uneven bed tops

Mount as many on a toolbar as you need

Minimum row width 7”

Accurately singulates a wide variety of raw and pelletized seeds with quick change seed rollers and easy adjustments

Over 40 roller sizes available for various planting needs

Weighs 25 lbs.

Quick release hopper

Clear, durable plastic hopper to view seed level

Adjustable depth control

Hopper volume = 0.26 gal

Singulates and spaces small seeds; saving time and money

Seed sizing gauge on hopper lid for ease of roller selection

No wasted seeds - works well with small amount in hopper

Uses special anti abrasion plastic rollers to prevent static electricity



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