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Model 95 Tunnel Layer

 The Model 95 Tunnel Layer is the ideal machine for setting wire hoops and laying
 plastic tunnels in one, simple operation. It's fast, it's efficient, and it's easy to use even
 in windy conditions. One person simply feeds the wires into the unit, and out comes
 the tunnel for your growing needs.

Three Sizes Available for Fast, Uniform Setting of Wire Hoops and Tunnels

  Narrow                                                       Standard      
54" Wires                                                      64" Wires     
5 Foot Plastic                                                6 Foot Plastic     
12" High Tunnels                                           14" High Tunnels     
27" Between Legs of Wire                            36" Between Legs of Wire   

Wide                                                          Wide
76" Wires                                                      Tunnels
7 Foot Plastic                                                                     
18" High Tunnels                                                                     
48" Between Legs of Wire                                                                    

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