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CLEAN SEEDER by Jang Automation Co., Ltd
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                     Model JP-1                         Model JP-1 with JPN Fertilizer  
1-Row Hand Seeder                                            1-Row Hand Seeder

        $425.00                                                                                                $585.00

    Model JP-3                    Model JP-6
       3-Row Hand Seeder                    6-Row Hand Seeder


  $995.00                                                            $1,995.00

  • Accurately singulates very small seeds and larger seeds with quick change seed rolls

  • JP-3 and JP-6 spacing between rows can be as close as 3".

  • JP-6 standard frame 6 row can have outside row widths out to 22".

  • JP-6W wide frame 6 row can have outside row widths out to 36". Sells for $2750.00

  • Extra seeder heads available for JP-3 and JP-6 for $200.00 each.

  • See below for pull type or 3 point hookups for JP-3 and JP-6


 Multi-row JP-3 or JP-6 Seeders                                    JP-6W with 6 rows


Toolbar 3-Point Hitch Seeders

Model JPH-U               Model JPH-2         Model JPH-4


           Unit only                          Two row with Hitch & Toolbar            Four row with Hitch, Toolbar
                                                                                                            & Gauge Wheels

  $985.00                                $2,190.00                              $4,490.00     

  • Individual spring loaded row units

  • Mount as many on a toolbar as you need.

  • Minimum row width 6.3".


TDR & TFR Series for larger seeds

         Model TDR-U                                      Model TD-1            

                            $1,050.00                                                                   $680.00                    

  • Seed plates for larger seeds such as pumpkins and lima beans

  • Double-disc opener

  • Large see-through hopper

  • Spring-loaded scissors hitch

TDR-2 priced without fertilizer attachment                           TDF-2 priced with fertilizer attachment

   $2,320.00                                                                 $3,575.00

To see a complete brochure go to our literature page.

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