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Model CT-4


  • Positive action V-3 plant holders with special gearing for faster planting.
  • Special 10" deep shoe with replaceable curved point.
  • Quick- change spacing gears.
  • 20" Coulter to protect the shoe
  • 1 cushion seat is standard equipment

Model CT-5


  • Positive action V-3 plant holders.
  • Special 10" deep shoe with replaceable curved point.
  • 20" Coulter to protect the shoe.
  • Adjustable scalper blade for scalping ahead of planting.
  • Quick change spacing gears.
  • Extended frame providing extra weight and proper penetration where needed.
  • Shown with optional 2 cushion seats (1 cushion seat is standard equipment)

Model CT-8


  • Heavy duty for transplanting in no-till conditions.
  • 28" coulter, 12" deep shoe, and gauge wheels for accurate depth control.
  • Plants up to 1200 plants per hour with one person.

Model CT-12


  • Large offset pockets for plants up to 30".
  • Direct drive gauge wheels for accurate spacing.
  • A 32" coulter blade followed by a suction point subsoiler tooth bolted to a 14" deep shoe for planting in sod covered or worked conditions.
  • Two cushion seats are standard equipment.

Click here for literature on the CT-12

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